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Jun 2013

A female traveling alone pulls into town late at night, her tank reads empty. A family with small children needs a convenience station where they can fill their gas tank and feed hungry bellies. Chances are there’s more than one petroleum station at the first intersection they come to.

Which will they choose, yours or your competition’s station?

The fuel station that looks safe, is well lit and well kept will grab a customer’s attention before a poorly lit, poorly marked station will. The first impression your business makes will directly impact the level of success your business achieves. Whether you’re a branded or unbranded petroleum station, it’s crucial to let customers know you will provide for their needs.

Fuel Station Re-imaging by McHale Sign CompanyIf you’re a branded station like Chevron, Shell or Arco, McHale Sign Co. works directly with oil company distributors to maintain current image specifications. Once your petroleum distributor gives us the level of imaging required for your station -- which is based on many factors including visibility and volume -- we come to your site and perform a survey. The next step is re-imaging your entire site.

For branded sites, we don’t always fabricate the product. In most cases, we work with product vendors who are approved by the petroleum company. They provide the sign systems and we do the legwork, which includes handling the permit process and building the structure as well as installing all of the components.

If you’re an unbranded petroleum company we work directly with you, the station owner, to design, manufacture and install a custom sign that reflects the image you want to project.

Total re-imaging signage might include the following:

  • Island treatment
  • Fuel dispensers
  • Trash cans
  • POS display
  • Pump toppers
  • Dispenser decals
  • Canopy fascia
  • Price signs
  • Lettering
  • Logos

Because we understand the unique re-imaging needs of petroleum stations -- branded or unbranded -- and adhere to a proven process, we are able to help you create an exceptional brand. And we’ve been doing it since 1977.

If you’re updating your current brand image or converting from one image to another, McHale Sign Co. in Redding, CA is here to help you positively influence your customer’s first impression.

When it comes to signs, we’re all you need. Guaranteed!


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